From the Taconic State Parkway or
Albany (pick it up at instruction #5 coming into Pittsfield)

1.              Taconic State Parkway to Route 295 exit (last exit before I-90, I think).

2.              Follow 295 till it ends, all the way into Massachusetts (straight at crossroads intersection with Rt. 22).

3.              Left on Rt. 41.

4.              Right on Rt. 20.

5.              Entering Pittsfield City Limits.

6.              John Deere dealer on left.

7.              Pass gas station on right.

8.              (If you get to a traffic light at Lebanon Ave. you went too far) Left on Hungerford St. (sign on right on Rt. 20 directs you to turn left here to get to Berkshire Community College).

9.              Bear left onto Fort Hill Ave., go under the Railroad Tracks.

10.         Right at T intersection on West Street.

11.         Left at traffic light onto Valentine Road.

12.         Left at traffic light on Pecks Road.

13.         First Left on Lakeway Drive (SOON). Follow to Controy Pavilion (road dead ends unlike shown on map below).

Maps below:



Hungerford and Fort Hill Avenue intersection (~ instruction 8)


Instruction 11 onwards view.

If you need more detail, use Mapquest or another mapping program on the web.

Good luck!