Trip to Gaydon, Warwickshire, England, May 1998
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First stop, shoe department in

Never saw anything like this in
Our tax dollars at work…

Lancaster gate. This is where the Lancasters escaped…

Carol had to introduce me to the family..

One of our favourite pubs..

The Pied Piper!

It's an MGF, nice car but the engine's in the wrong spot!

Monument to William Pitt (I am from
Pittsfield, Massachusetts which is named in his honour. I'll need to read up on whether he was ever actually here!)

Angel Hotel in Leamington Spa Warwickshire England where the Americans and British met after weeks on emails back and forth! About 10 miles from Gaydon and the Triumph 75th anniversary celebration.

Friday it's off to the Heritage Motor Centre
museum at Gaydon to avoid the crowds on the big day (Sunday). I was extremely lucky to get a private escorted tour by email acquaintance John Macartney (yes, there's 2 url's for John). It's actually owned by Rover Cars (which in turn is owned by BMW) and had more space devoted to MG and Rover products than anything else, much less Triumph.

Nigel's car. Must have run out of room at Donnington.

Pro Rally TR8 and last produced TR8 (I'm assuming)

Last produced Stag.

The famous Stag cutaway engine. I remember seeing this at the New York City Autoshow in the 70's!

A rather nice Herald was in the car park of the Angel the next morning. Looks special…? More later

A rather nice Triumph Mayflower was in the car park of the Angel the next morning.
I must apologize for the roads I directed these enthusiasts to the Gaydon meet on Sunday. Evidently they were freshly tarred and stone-chipped either Friday night or Saturday. Our rental Renault Laguna (not the red car) didn't mind, though.

Parked out front of the Angel. Apparently a daily driver!

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