The "P" Lot


The Peripheral lot is North of the "State Office Campus access road loop" shown below, the other side of the road above the "Ave" in "Washington Ave". In the big blank area…


From I-90 Westbound, take the Rte 85 exit (Exit 4) and then take the first exit which is labeled to the State Office Buildings or some such.  Anyway, it is the first exit after taking Exit 4, Rte 85 exit off I-90 Westbound.  Look for the parking lot on the right with all the cones.  The entrance to the parking lot is after you drive by the lot..


If you're going Eastbound on I-90, you can tell me how you did it!


See you there!



Overview of the area. P-Lot area is shown.  See below maps.


Area of P-Lot


Close-up pf P-Lot in area of word "Albany"