The New England 1000, 1998 edition!

What a glorious site!

John Schumann and wife Kathi did battle with the Jaguars.

Karen and Peter Efros with their 1953 MG-TD "Cedric" were in the running for first overall until they drove right by the first checkpoint on the last day (something several others did also). Up until that point they had zero points. We had 1 ever since the second checkpoint on the first day.

Washing up before dinner.

It was always a pleasure to see the 1936 Auburn 852 Speedster of MacDonalds franchise owners Rick Walter and Jim Barnes.

The 1965 Porsche 356SC of Evan and Jule Silvi totaled only 2 points! Don't know why their top was upů

Ron and Whitney Gaeta had only 4 points the first day and zeroed everything till the last day when an engine failure ended their competition. They announced their engagement at the 1997 event.

Peter Efros prepares for a run at the autocross.

Interesting artifact. Those are pontoons, not wheels!

Another postcard view in Maine.