Tigger was my closest companion and best friend.

As the bumper sticker says “The more people I meet, the more I like my cat”

I bought my house in March 1985 and got Tigger at the Pittsfield animal shelter just after the July 4 weekend.  He was so small he fit in my hand!

In the later months of 2001 Tigger wasn’t behaving normally for the onset of winter.  Not much eating, much lethargy.  In the end, we discovered a large mass in his abdomen that was cancerous and resulted in euthanasia.  Tough decision.  I couldn’t bear to watch him suffer and the Vet comforted me that I made the correct decision.

Here are some pictures I took on October 24, 2000 in the back yard, where he loved exploring and observing nature on his own or with me.

I miss you, Tigger!

Here he is as a youngster.  Handsome!
Must be Fall, the tree in the background has no leaves.
















I’ll add more later…