Dave Childs transplants a 1970 GT6+ engine and transmission into his Spitfire
and restores it in the process

Last edited Friday, December 15, 2006

Note: This project was not done by Clark W. Nicholls.  It was done by David Childs dchilds@epri.com

Not a difficult task.  It has been some time….

I seem to recall the starter is on the other side. 

You need to cut some martial away from the fire wall.  Real easy.

The transmission tunnel is different, but compatible.

I used the Spit rear end.  Gives me a lower gear ratio.  So the drive shaft is compatible.

The real draw back is the increased weight over the front end.

You will need the GT6

cooling system


transmission tunnel


differential (Spitfire=3.89 GT6=3.27 ratio)

clutch hydraulics

drive shaft (I don’t recall if this is necessary)


ballast resistor?

You may want to take:

front suspension

brake system

I would add a large oil cooler to the list as well

It is an easy swap.  Everything bolts right in.  Go for it!

Dave C






More information on GT6's, try the GT6 database! http://personal.cfw.com/~hsgentry/ (seems to have gone away)

Also check the Vintage Triumph Register www.vtr.org

 Donor engine from a 1970 GT6+ - Green.

 From a remote Connecticut junkyard. Originally blue KC75978L (KC75879L? see below), Oct. 1969 build, paint 66, trim 33. This car was in great shape mechanically, the engine and transmission were immediately transplanted into the 1979 Triumph Spitfire owned by my ex-officemate Dave Childs (who got hooked on Spitfires having a ride in mine). Dave was financially responsible for this vehicle. The remnants are in Andy's museum awaiting new owners. The bonnet was involved in a swap-trip through the Philadelphia area where the GT6+ bonnet found a new home and we picked up a GT6-MKIV bonnet for Dave's Spitfire 6. Proof.

Interesting anecdote: The "Federal" windshield post ID tag gives the commission number as KC75879L. There was no particular evidence of it having been changed at any time and, since the digits are all the same, I'm assuming that this was a factory dyslexic gaffe!


Email me at: CWNicholls@aol.com or Andy Mace: herald948@aol.com or Dave Childs: dchilds@epri.com

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