The Pittsfield Winter Carnival, under the auspices of the Pittsfield Department of Community Services, Parks and Recreation, presents...

Saturday Feb. 12, 2000 - ICE TRIALS - Sunday Feb. 13, 2000

I'm burned out, time to call it an event… Here's the results: Saturday + Sunday

108 and 86 entrants respectively

Pictures of the 2000 event!

Links to more Photos and Videos, etc. on entrants' sites: 1, 2, 3

 Interested in MoHud Solo 2 events?

What the heck is the Ice Trials? The Ice Trials has been held as a part of the Pittsfield Winter Carnival (this is the 55th year!) since the 1950's. TR-3's and MGA's were seen at this event in days of old. The Berkshire Motor Sports Club (now inactive with longtime members Peter Nixon, Eric Weiss, Dave Hathaway, several others and myself assimilated into the SCCA) was the car club involved till the late 1980's. More historical trivia will be added to this site later.

Sanctioned by the Mohawk Hudson Region of the Sports Car Club of America as a Rally Cross.

A Rally Cross is a Solo 2 that's not on a paved surface. Want more? Download the rules below.

Where? On the frozen (12" minimum) surface of ONOTA LAKE, in PITTSFIELD Massachusetts. I'd call that an unpaved surface!

Runs start at 11:00 AM, maybe EARLIER! -- Be there early for drive around (~9-~10:30AM). Why do we have drive arounds? Several reasons. To get you familiarized with the course. To "condition" the course. And maybe most importantly, to scare the ice fisherpersons away. We've had ice fishing holes drilled in the course because "they didn't realize it was a race course". Before we start the timed runs, a parade lap with all cars and drivers behind a slow "pace car" will navigate the course for the benefit of those that did not get a "familiarization lap".

To be held on Onota Lake at the end of Lakeway Drive in Pittsfield Massachusetts. Registration & Headquarters at the Controy Pavilion on Lakeway Drive.

Please note that the Lakeway Drive inhabitants have commented that we drive faster than we should on their normally dead-end street. Please drive very, very slowly when coming to and leaving the Pavilion. This is a community-supported event and we don't want to loose that support!

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·         E-mailers: Please subscribe to the Ice-Trials mailer for up to the minute updates prior to the event. To do so, send a message "subscribe ice-trials" to and make sure that you read the instructions in the reply messages and reply to them in the prescribed manner to authenticate your subscription!

·         Pictures from previous events are on the web

·         Pittsfield Winter Carnival website is at: pwc2000.html

·         Historical pages of Ice Trials past!

Who can you thank?

Dave Kosla 50 Maryland Avenue, Pittsfield, MA 01201 413-443-6152 - or-
Clark W. Nicholls 65 Hartwood Road, Lee, MA 01238 413-243-3433

And the Pittsfield Winter Sports Committee, an all volunteer organization, that puts on the Pittsfield Winter Carnival, under the auspices of the Pittsfield Department of Community Services, Parks and Recreation.


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