Clark W. Nicholls' Family Trees


Last edited Friday, January 10, 2014

Here's the Nicholls page, and Dad's side of the family below. Nicholls photos here and here and here. More to follow.

Here's the Pierce page. Pierce photos here Pierce graves Pittsfield here

Here's the Waite/Pierce page

Here's the Reynolds page (ancestors of my Grandmother Clara Pierce, nothing here yet).
Cemetery photos from Petersburgh and Lebanon NY here
I also have the book, “Christopher Reynolds and his descendants” 1959 as an Adobe PDF file. It is a 45MB file I can make available for download. Contact me.


Here's the Clark page (nothing here yet) and Mom's side of the family below:

Here's the Markley page (Mom’s mother’s ancestors, nothing here yet) Photos here

Photos from my trip to the Pennsburg PA area including homes of the Arthur Jay Clark family and a visit to the cemetery here.

There is also more Pittsfield and Petersburgh area historical information in my website which is mostly for Pittsfield High School class reunions but I have included many historical items, photos, etc.


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