Collecting Triumph GT6's and Spitfires (or My Secret Fascination with Rust...)

Andy Mace and I have managed to "rescue" 2 GT6's from a wrecking yard in Connecticut, with the information provided by Ed DeCortin who stumbled upon them. One, a 1969 green GT6+, had been involved in a vehicular confrontation and was un-restorable. The fact that it was being driven up to the last moment gave us a good feeling about its mechanical health since, despite rather severe passenger side impact, the car was pretty straight! The second car had been siting around for years outside and was beyond repair from rust and exposure.

I subsequently, having been spurred on to rescue every single GT6 that no one loved anymore as a result of the Connecticut adventure, decided to follow up on a 1967 version I had located years ago in the Great Barrington Massachusetts area. I managed to rescue it from the owner's back yard where it had been providing living quarters for all sorts of critters for over a decade.. Check the inventory below!

More information on GT6's, try the GT6 database!

In order of acquisition (and reverse chronology as it turns out..):

 1970 GT6+ - Green. From Connecticut junkyard. Originally blue KC75978L (KC75879L?), Oct. 1969 build, paint 66, trim 33. This car was in great shape mechanically, the engine and transmission were immediately transplanted into the 1979 Triumph Spitfire owned by my ex-officemate Dave Childs (who got hooked on Spitfires having a ride in mine). Dave was financially responsible for this vehicle. The remnants are in Andy's museum awaiting new owners. The bonnet was involved in a swap-trip through the Philadelphia area where the GT6+ bonnet found a new home and we picked up a GT6-MKIV bonnet for Dave's Spitfire 6. Proof.

Interesting anecdote: The "Federal" windshield post ID tag gives the commission number as KC75879L. There was no particular evidence of it having been changed at any time and, since the digits are all the same, I'm assuming that this was a factory dyslexic gaffe!

Click here to see Dave Childs Spitfire-GT6, The "green" GT6 engine comes alive in Dave's Spitfire.

 1968 GT6 - White. From Connecticut junkyard. Originally blue KC7768L. A rust bucket with many redeemable parts. The pistons are currently soaking up penetrating oil in the hopes of moving up and down once again.

 1967 GT6 - Gunmetal Gray. The Great Barrington GT6. This car is in better shape than we thought and so we won't be proceeding with a plan of breaking it up for spares and Spitfire upgrades at the moment. Andy and I will be evaluating our options and depending on what we decide it may be on the market to someone who would do a worthy restoration. Or something. Whatever. Stay tuned... Want it? Make an offer…

 1970 GT6+ - Primer gray/faded silver. (nothing at this link yet) From a back yard/woods in Southern New Hampshire. Originally red KC 79447, April 1970 build, paint 32, trim 11. Aluminum tub tag 78605 KD.  Engine Number KD 76903 E.  This car was in very rusty shape, the engine turns over, the transmission is out and in my shed. I'm studying the front brakes to possibly upgrade those on my Spitfire.  Will probably reside in my back yard over the winter (2000/2001) and get dismantled next year.  Anyone interested before it's too late?

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