VTR National Convention, Portland Maine

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Last edited 1/22/2014

Fun all the time..

We arrived Tuesday, did the fun rally Wednesday and Thursday I spent in the parking garage..

This is the culprit! That (hard to see in this picture) u-joint must be exercised, no, maybe it's exorcised… 
Luckily there was a friendly garage around the corner that installed the u-joint rather reasonably while we went to $3 Dewey's for lunch! Best lobster roll and beer on the whole trip!


U-joints always go bad at the wrong time… Little did I know (actually I did) the outer flange was bent also.

 Vern doing a mighty fine impression of Andy.

I've got one of these…, er, two, er three, er four, er….

Fueling up for the tour to Kennebunkport. Breakfast at the HI.

We stopped along the way at the Trolley Museum. Not to be missed! 

Carol's favorite trolley is from Montreal. In the shade, too! 

Lobsta festa..


Vern Brannon (VTR VP) getting ready to return to battle!

Jean Brannon (2nd from left) was victorious, having practiced earlier in the week! "I don't need no stinking bib!"

VTR President Andy Mace having a great time! Carol Lancaster, having been doused with lobster juice during Vern's earlier battle with his lobster, presses on gingerly, cognizant of what damage these dead critters are capable of..

Helen and Henry Frye are looking forward to the Ice Cream stop later..

The Maine Event…?

Lighthouse? Is there a lighthouse? Carol and the Spitfire front and center!

Another slightly different shot…

Helen and Henry in their awe inspiring TR3(a?).

Oops, almost totally missed this shot. The cloud at the right of the picture is soot that was bellowing out the exhaust. There were also flames, which don't show here. A fate caused by the 5MPH parade over to the park. I almost suffered the same indignity, but decided on the way to bolt past the pace-police car and headed to the park at a more reasonable (well into the double digits) pace, leaving my own cloud of black smoke in the process.

We're off then, to the show field!

Ken Slagle's old TR8 race car, now almost totally restored and Vern's toy. I want a TR8!

Triple Strombergs!

Carol's favorite! Andy has one of these, too!

Peachy clean!

I wasn't the only one with axle problems I guess…

Best of show??


What's this? A MGB V-8? I thought this was a Triumph show?

Let go, Andy! Your (2) wheels are in the background!


I had a great time reminiscing with Mike Cook, his wife Carol and daughter Jennifer. (Carol Lancaster, Dave Hutchison and his protégé not shown.)

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