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More scenic pictures of car

Winter Storage

Oil Filter + Cooler

1300cc 1968 Mk3 Engine Specifications

Crane/Allison Electronic Ignition and Speedbleeder Tips

More-Better Speedbleeder Information

BWA Aluminum Wheels and Michelin X Metric185/70x13 tires

Dual SU 1-1/4" Carburetors and Exhaust Header

K&N air filter kit (56-1630) for the SU 1-1/4" Carburetors

4-2-1 Headers

4-1 Header Information from George Parker

Quantum Mechanics 5-speed GT6 and Spitfire Conversion – English Ford Mercur transmission

5-speed GT6 and Spitfire Conversion – Toyota transmission

Delco Alternator Conversion

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VTR Annual Meeting in Portland Maine, 1999 - giving me an opportunity to do some maintenance.

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Triumph 75th Anniversary, Gaydon England (May 1998)

Henry Frye's Gaydon experience here

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