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My Triumphs. The 1974 Spitfire and 1972 Stag.

Triumph 75th Anniversary, Gaydon England (May 1998)

Henry Frye's Gaydon experience here

VTR 1999 convention, Portland, Maine (July 1999)

5-Speed gearbox conversion from New Zealand over 1MB, be patient. More coming later.

Collecting Triumph GT6 and Spitfire automobiles, 1998-1999 - Andy Mace (President of the Vintage Triumph Register), Dave Childs and I run amuck in New England (Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire), and Pennsylvania!  See my spare parts and project supply in the back yard!

Dave Childs Spitfire-GT6, The "green" GT6 engine comes alive in Dave's Spitfire.

Collecting older Triumph automobiles, 1999 - Andy Mace (President of the Vintage Triumph Register) and I still running amuck in New England! Any rusty hulks in your back yard?

 MG-B or Spitfire for someone? Call Formel's Motors at 1-413-528-9424 (these 2 cars are gone)

Cars for Sale (Spitfire-GT6), Here's some pictures and phone numbers, etc. if you're interested… 

Request list. Emails asking for Triumph parts, etc…


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